Disbursing the NEA’s $75 Million in COVID Cash

Wall Drawing 692, 1991, by Sol LeWitt. Continuous forms with color in washes superimposed. (Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art)
Rethink the plan and target those who need help the most.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE A rthur T. Barbieri was the Democratic boss in New Haven from the early 1950s into the late 1970s. Sounds like a minor martinet but New Haven, the first Model City, was the urban-renewal movement’s incubator. Barbieri moved tens of millions of dollars and got the votes for this spectacular, hubristic failure, an adventure as reckless as the one we’re on now, though not as hasty. At least that mess’s masters didn’t decide over a weekend to crash an entire economy.

Yale’s there, so every politically ambitious undergraduate in the 1960s tended to wade into the swamp in which Barbieri wasn’t the

(Milwaukee Art Museum)


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