Then vice-president Joe Biden campaigns with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at an event in Scranton, Pa., August 15, 2016. (Charles Mostoller/Reuters)
Mrs. Clinton makes an endorsement.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE H illary Rodham Clinton, who is still alive, has endorsed Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

That is inspiring: A corrupt, decrepit, exhausted relic of the 1990s has given her blessing to a corrupt, decrepit, exhausted relic of the 1970s. Mrs. Clinton already has lost an election to Donald Trump, a visitor from the 1980s, and Joe Biden might very well do the same.

(Or not.)

Mrs. Clinton’s endorsement is a reminder of Biden’s role as the candidate of continuity. Biden was Barack Obama’s vice president — basically a predictable old white familiar man who spent the Obama years in a dusty case labeled “Break Glass

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