Don’t Ruin Minor League Baseball

Syracuse Mets right fielder Travis Taijeron (19) catches a throw from pitcher Tyler Bashlor (10) to record an out during the seventh inning at NBT Bank Stadium in Syracuse, N.Y., April 25, 2019. (Gregory J. Fisher-USA TODAY Sports)
Proposed changes would diminish the game’s precious localized character. It’s not clear that they would even reduce the costs for MLB.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE M ost sports fans would be willing to make just about any concession if it meant that their favorite sports could return to action. But there are reasons for baseball fans to be wary of the apparent agreement, between Major League Baseball (MLB) and its minor-league affiliates, on a Professional Baseball Agreement (PBA) that would nix up to 42 minor-league clubs from the 160 affiliate teams that Minor League Baseball (MiLB) currently comprises.

While MiLB officials initially resisted the proposed contraction — which I detailed here back in December — Baseball America’s J. J. Cooper reported that they were reconsidering the proposal

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