The Seventh Seal Would Work Better as a Comedy

Max von Sydow and Gunnar Björnstrand in The Seventh Seal.
How to liven up one of history’s most notoriously soporific films.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE T he Seventh Seal is famously one of the most dour, humorless, glum, and forbidding movies ever made. I’d say it’s the longest 90 minutes in cinema if it weren’t for all of the other dour, humorless, g. and f. 90-minute movies made by Ingmar “Chuckles” Bergman. The other day I cued up the movie, fell asleep, cued it up again, fell asleep again, rewound to the falling-asleep part and fell asleep again. Did I mention I made a point of watching it at noon, after drinking three cups of tea, because I remembered all the previous times I fell asleep

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