The New York Times Knows Nobody Believes It about Biden, Kavanaugh, and Sexual Assault

People line up for taxis across the street from the New York Times building in New York City. (Carlo Allegri/Reuters)
An editor tries to explain away the newspaper’s grossly unequal coverage of sexual-assault allegations.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE A remarkable thing happened Monday: The New York Times executive editor, Dean Baquet, actually had to answer questions about his paper’s very different coverage of sexual-assault allegations against Joe Biden and Brett Kavanaugh. It did not go well. It is simply impossible to read the interview and the Times coverage of the two cases and come away believing that the Times acted in good faith or, frankly, that it even expects anyone to believe its explanations. The paper’s motto, at this point, may as well be “All the News You’re Willing to Buy.”

For all their lectures to the public about transparency

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