A Bear in winter, &c.

Statue of Paul “Bear” Bryant outside Bryant-Denny Stadium at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa (Library of Congress)
On retirees, WFB, nationalism, mistresses, and more

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE N ot long ago, I was asked to do a little thinking about time — time in “this time of pandemic.” (I have been writing the phrase “this time of pandemic” for weeks now. Perhaps there should be a macro, on my keyboard.) I penned a little essay, here.

Let me paste a couple of paragraphs, then tell you something else:

I am working, lucky dog. (I consider myself lucky to be working in normal times.) My deadlines come fast and furious. “A deadline is your best friend,” I once heard William F. Buckley Jr. say. He worked, meeting deadlines, right up to the last.



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