How Artists, and Doctors, See Patients

Detail of The Surgeon, 1632, by Abraham Bosse. (Metropolitan Museum/Open Access)
A fascinating survey of the history of medicine as portrayed in the visual arts

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE D epicting 40,000 years of medicine in a little over 240 pages, internist and historian Philip Mackowiak offers an accessible and comprehensive survey of life, death, and doctoring in Patients as Art. Rather than presenting a weighty chronology of medicine marching indiscriminately over millennia, Mackowiak focuses on sources of illness to introduce readers comprehensively to practical, cultural, and historical elements of the medical world. Foundational topics in medicine are introduced, ranging from nutrition to genetics; medical activities such as diagnostics and therapeutics are covered; and still larger topics in medicine, such as military surgery and public health, are touched on. Over

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