Museums’ Money Machinations

Detail of Jan Uytenbogaert (The Gold Weigher), 1639, by Rembrandt van Rijn. Etching and drypoint. (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Some museums want to raid endowments. Let’s reduce spending, stop the panic, and open our museum doors.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE D uring the ongoing Chinese coronavirus lockdown, a spooked leadership class put hundreds of millions of healthy people in quarantine on the basis of dodgy research by bureaucrats and airy academics. “Obey science,” which is an ideology and a superstition, replaced “use science,” which means taking data defining what we know and don’t know, looking at competing interpretations, balancing costs and benefits, and, in the case of a new disease, absorbing new data and new ideas.

What we have is a huge, real-life, real-time mess, though the science lemmings are still getting their hefty government and university paychecks. About those 33 million

(Cleveland Museum of Art)


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