Ducktales Reboot Shows Disney Is Working Hard to Ruin Your Childhood

Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck pose for photographers after their arrival at the airport in Mumbai, India, in 2006. (Punit Paranjpe/Reuters)
Ducktales producer makes serious accusations against Donald Duck for his penchant for female ducks like Daisy.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE I ’ve always liked Donald Duck. He’s lazy, cantankerous, and easily amused. As does the rest of the old Disney family, he represents innocence, fun, and kindness. But Donald, that charming children’s character, has been kidnapped by a company following a rigorous ideological program of liberal indoctrination, whose latest conquest has been to introduce in the new episodes of DuckTales two gay ducks who have adopted a little duck, whose sexual habits have not been revealed thus far. After watching the very strange scene in which they are introduced, I’m not sure if it’s DuckTales or The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock.

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