A Punitive & Senseless Education-Funding Proposal, Advanced in the Name of ‘Equity’

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A recent New York Times op-ed suggests that today’s education reformers care more about bringing the top down than bringing the bottom up.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE N early every news article on the coronavirus and K–12 education has lamented that school closures and budget cuts are hitting low-income students the hardest. Earlier this month, a New York Times op-ed proposed an idea to address the educational consequences of the virus with “equity”: Hurt middle-class kids to help low-income kids.

The piece’s author, Rebecca Sibilia — the CEO of EdBuild, a school-funding-advocacy organization — argued that America has far too many school districts, and that the “more exclusively [district] borders are drawn, the more advantage accrues to wealthy districts, each of which has an independent financial structure, at the

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Max C. Eden is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and author of Issues 2020: Public School Spending Is at an All-Time High.


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