‘From vulgarity to vulgarity,’ &c.

President Harry S. Truman (National Archives)
Harry S. Truman, William F. Buckley Jr., Andrew Cuomo, ‘Moonface,’ Lamborghinis, and more

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE C hances are, you know the National Review Institute, but do you know its book club? We are reading Up from Liberalism, the 1959 book by William F. Buckley Jr. I wrote a little post about the club and the book here.

He was no fan of Harry S. Truman, WFB.

I sat in the spring of 1958 before the television screen and beheld Mr. Truman, with the zest he has for that kind of thing, cavorting from vulgarity to vulgarity, oversimplifying issues, distorting history, questioning motives, provoking base appetites.

Some lines later, WFB refers to Truman as “the nation’s most conspicuous vulgarian.”

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