How Does the Swedish Model Look Right Now?

A medical staffmember wearing protective gear administers tests for the coronavirus at a test facility outside Skane University Hospital in Lund, Sweden, April 29, 2020. (TT News Agency/ Johan Nilsson via Reuters)
Not so hot.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE W hen Sweden’s government took a more lax approach than other western countries to fighting the coronavirus — it banned events with more than 50 people and shuttered secondary schools and universities but imposed few other restrictions — it was operating on the theory that stricter lockdowns couldn’t do much to save any lives in the long run. The Swedish society and economy would ultimately benefit, the thinking went, by reaching herd immunity more quickly than other countries that locked down.

“About 30 percent of people in Stockholm have reached a level of immunity,” Karin Ulrika Olofsdotter, the Swedish ambassador to the


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