Union Pacific Railroad’s Betrayal of Small-Town America

BNSF and Union Pacific train engines in Orange, Texas, in 2017. (Jonathan Bachman/Reuters)
Across the nation, the rail behemoth is taking advantage of the local partners that helped it grow so large.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE A t the start of the 19th century, America was a rural society that depended on boats and horses for its transportation needs. A century later, it was the greatest industrial power in the world. In the interim, the railroad had carried the industrial revolution across America, building the nation as we know it today.

Many nowadays forget this history, and the crucial role American workers, families, and communities played over generations in building our railroads and expanding them. And in the case of Palestine, in east Texas, that historical amnesia could have serious real-world consequences, as the Union Pacific Railroad now


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