A Dubious Appointment to the Wisconsin Ethics Commission

Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison (Wikimedia Commons)
Vitriolic partisanship has no place on a serious, bipartisan governing apparatus.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE L ast week, as Wisconsin remained focused on the COVID-19 crisis, former state senate minority leader Jennifer Shilling quietly appointed Scot Ross, the former head of the liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now, to the Wisconsin Ethics Commission. He will fill a term that expires in May 2024. The commission wields tremendous authority involving enforcement of the state’s ethics laws for public officials. The responsibility associated with the role of a Wisconsin Ethics Board commissioner is serious. But Ross is perhaps the most unserious appointment Senator Shilling could have made. Ross is unprofessional, consistently spewing vile and vitriolic comments on social

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Jake Curtis is a Milwaukee lawyer and formerly served as a Department Chief Legal Counsel in the Walker Administration as well as an Associate Counsel at the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty.


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