A New Book Warns of Our ‘Neo-Feudal’ Future

From the cover of The Coming of Neo-Feudalism (Encounter Books)
As recent events show, the elites simply don’t play by the same rules as the rest of the country. Joel Kotkin’s new book explores why — and offers a way out.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE F or weeks on end, Americans were told to stay indoors. And for weeks on end, Americans listened (for the most part). For every social-media story and maudlin advertisement feigning concern and peddling social cohesion, heroism, and sacrifice, a governor, public-health official, talking head, Hollywood celebrity, or tenured university professor warned Americans in a very stern tone: Millions will perish if we do not continue the course.

That is, until the tragic death of George Floyd. The subsequent protests (peaceful though no less in violation of social-distancing guidelines) and the pillaging mobs (dismissive of social distancing and the precepts of civilization) have

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