The Answer Isn’t a Free Lunch

Protesters loot a store in Manhattan after marching against the death of George Floyd, June 1, 2020. (Eduardo Munoz/Reuters)
If progressives know what’s good for cities such as Minneapolis, why have they done such a poor job governing them?

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE W hat if they don’t want anything?

An NBC producer posted a piece of video early Tuesday morning that documented some of the looting in Manhattan, with the looters piling their loot into a Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV, which goes for about a half-million dollars. (There’s a “base” model at about $350,000, but, the last time I checked, Rolls-Royce had never sold one.) There were some other pretty nice cars being driven by looters, too.

It is possible the Cullinan was stolen, though Rolls-Royces are hard to steal. (They even have a nifty antitheft device protecting their hood ornaments, once a popular target for


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