Riots Are Violence

A burned-out building on Lake Street following riots in Minneapolis, Minn., May 29, 2020. (Nicholas Pfosi/Reuters)
And will the burning ‘forests’ grow back?

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE I t’s weird that this needs to be said, but here we are.

Then again, the pundit who reprehensibly claims that destroying property “is not violence” risks nothing. She agitates for revolution from the safety of her apartment. Much the same, I suspect, most of those excusing the destruction of our cities — either contending that businesses “have insurance” or peddling false choices about life being “more valuable than property” — have never built a business themselves.

Nor have I. Yet, I do know that having a business destroyed can be devastating, and “having insurance” won’t make victims whole. My parents were immigrants from Hungary. My


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