Leftists Hurl All the Insults in the World

A protester yells anti-Trump slogans at a demonstration in Manhattan in 2017. (Amr Alfiky/Reuters)
How to survive their rain of outbursts without losing your sense of humor

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE T o be a conservative is to wake up every morning to a new insult. It makes life more fun. I never know exactly what I am until I open up Twitter every morning. I can be a reactionary vermin, an ignorant caveman, an ultra-Catholic primate, or a neoliberal scorpion. It’s fascinating how far the language reaches on the left when it comes to labeling the Right. Today we conservatives are racist for not wanting to kneel before anything but God, just as yesterday we were fascists for defending law and order, the only way to guarantee freedom — incidentally, one of


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