The Brinksmanship Society

Protesters stand in front of police officers during a protest against the death of George Floyd in Brooklyn, N.Y., June 3, 2020. (Brendan Mcdermid/Reuters)
Far too many of our political leaders seem allergic to the concept of incremental improvement.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE L ast week, Senate Democrats rejected South Carolina GOP senator Tim Scott’s proposal on police reform. Maybe you think that bill goes far enough, maybe you don’t, but consider the proposals in Scott’s legislation:

  • Full disclosure of disciplinary record when a department is considering hiring an officer from another department.
  • Requiring police departments to report to the FBI when an officer has discharged his or her weapon or used force.
  • “Strengthen the training methods and tactics throughout law enforcement jurisdictions, especially regarding de-escalation of force and the duty to intervene, providing law enforcement with new funding to do so.”
  • The legislation


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