The Forgotten Treaty That Shaped Eastern Europe

The historical Chain Bridge over the Danube river lit in the colors of the Hungarian flag during the 100th anniversary of the Treaty of Trianon in Budapest, Hungary, June 4, 2020. (Bernadett Szabo/Reuters)
100 years later, let’s not forget the influence of Trianon.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE A merican bumper stickers are typically vulgar, self-aggrandizing, or partisan, but in Hungary, even the decals are tinged with history. Many cars proudly display the national coat of arms over a picture of Nagy Magyarország, or “Greater Hungary,” a map of the country’s expansive pre–World War I borders. The memory of these lost territories still stings. More than a few Hungarians speak of the Treaty of Trianon, the 1920 settlement that dictated their post-war borders, the same way Southerners once described their own Lost Cause.

As so often happens with history, the Western European side of the story gets most of the

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