Forever Families for Forgotten Kids

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The new executive order offers renewed hope to children who want nothing more than a family to call their own.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE L ast year, I met with a group of students who had endured the foster-care system. Anthony was moved from foster home to foster home for 18 years — his entire childhood. Another, David, had entered foster care at eight years old. He was placed in seven different inpatient facilities within six months. Both expressed their hope that no child would ever have to experience what they had.

This week, President Trump signed an executive order to help kids like Anthony and David. The order, which will decrease the time that children spend in foster care and help them find loving families,

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Leslie Ford, founder of Ford Policy Solutions, served as a special assistant at the White House on the Domestic Policy Council, 2018-20. Her portfolio included foster-care policy.


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