Why Twitter Banished Graham Linehan 

Graham Linehan at the International Emmy Awards in New York in 2008. (Chip East/Reuters)
No serious movement for positive social change has ever relied on censorship.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE G raham Linehan, the Irish comedy writer, creator of Father Ted, The IT crowd, and other popular shows, has been “permanently suspended” (newspeak for being unceremoniously exiled) from Twitter for sharing a simple statement of fact: “men aren’t women tho,” which he wrote in response to a post by the Women’s Institute wishing a happy Pride month to its transgender followers.

Linehan’s banishment is hardly surprising. Those of us in the transgender debate — commentators, authors, women’s campaigners, moderate trans rights activists, celebrities, and humble citizens — who believe in biological sex (and its relevance to sex-based protections for women and children)


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