Why Some Tiananmen Protesters Support Trump

Chinese students carry a sign during a demonstration in Tiananmen Square, May 14, 1989. (Dominic Dudouble/Reuters)
‘Many American politicians are too close to Beijing. Finally, we got Trump, who is vehemently anti-the Communist Party.’

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE L ast March, I attended a Chinese Trump supporters’ gathering at a karaoke bar in Flushing, N.Y., for a story I was writing. Two participants really grabbed my attention. Before pouring out their admiration for Trump, they revealed their involvement in the Tiananmen democracy movement in China in 1989.

One of them, Cai Guihua, was a leader of the Shanghai workers’ protests back then; the other, Chen Liqun, was a mobilizer of supporters for the movement in Hangzhou. Both paid a high price after the bloodshed on and around Beijing’s Tiananmen Square on June 4 that year.

Cai was jailed for nearly two


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