What Conservative Law-Enforcement Reforms Should Look Like

Demonstrators take a knee as police officers stand guard during a protest against the death of George Floyd in New York City, June 2, 2020. (Jeenah Moon/Reuters)
Here are the foundational principles from which specific proposals should proceed.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE I n the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers, the national conversation is focused on how police treat African Americans. As often happens, the loudest voices are left-wing radicals with impractical slogans and an anti-police axe to grind. But that doesn’t mean conservatives should be shut out of the policy debate. In fact, there are many ways to address police misconduct and brutality and improve our law-enforcement system that fit comfortably within a conservative framework. At the same time, it falls to conservatives to be careful that reforms do not do more harm than good.

What would


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