Perils of wokery, &c.

A customer eyes replica posters of the Cultural Revolution at a flea market in Beijing in 2006. (Jason Lee / Reuters)
On whiffs of the Cultural Revolution; the musical Hamilton; Dr. Anthony Fauci; college daze; and more

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE P eople are often too quick on the Nazi trigger — too quick to make comparisons to the Nazis. But sometimes they are too slow. Too reluctant. I think of what the Chinese government is doing to the Uighur people in Xinjiang Province, or East Turkestan.

Two years ago, I was talking with Jerome A. Cohen, the venerable China scholar here in America. (For my resulting piece, go here.) Discussing the situation of the Uighurs, he said he thought of his relatives in Austria and Germany, who were rounded up and slaughtered. That made me take notice. Cohen is a very, very


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