A Dystopian Novel That Foreshadowed Our Present Moment

George Washington Bridge seen from Fort Lee, N.J. (Mike Segar/Reuters)
Our officials lack moral strength, which is what disappeared from the world that D. Keith Mano evoked in his novel The Bridge.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE M en and women wearing masks shuffle wearily through the desolate ruins of a failed country. It’s not healthy or safe to be out, and public places are barren. Storefronts are boarded up. Encounters of any length with other human beings are few and far between, and often revolve around the transactional or coerced provision of food or sex. With no one carrying out municipal services of any kind, nature has begun to reclaim urban grids, and bridges, roads, tunnels, and buildings have fallen into disuse and disrepair. Police do not respond to emergencies. The government, or what’s left of it,


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