Iran’s Turn to China

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani speaks at a news conference on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York City, September 26, 2019. (Brendan Mcdermid/Reuters)
Iran is running into the arms of China in ‘shift to east’ strategy against the U.S.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE A   secret deal between Iran and China is in the works, part of a wider 25-year strategic vision between the two countries. Such rumors percolated in Tehran in early July at the same time that Iran was being bombarded by mysterious explosions affecting its missile and nuclear programs. The Iranian regime’s media, particularly voices and media close to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, have tried to affirm that the rumors are true and that the new shift east is a strategic challenge to the U.S. in the Middle East. The regime is also downplaying other rumors that Iran is giving away


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