Should There Be a Price for Rejectionism and Terror?

Israeli soldiers stand during clashes with Palestinians at a protest against Jewish settlements in the village of Oref in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, February 15, 2019. (Mohamad Torokman/Reuters)
Israel warily approaches a possible extension of sovereignty over some West Bank territory.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE A s a result of the Trump Middle East peace plan, Israelis and their foreign friends and enemies are now heatedly debating the future of the West Bank. In announcing his “vision” of peace in January, President Trump ignited these arguments by saying, “The United States will recognize Israeli sovereignty over the territory that my vision provides to be part of the State of Israel. Very important.” Why was this important?

The statement spurred Israeli officials to consider whether and when to extend Israeli sovereignty to parts of the West Bank. Israelis are divided on whether to make the extension now, though

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