Liberal Ron Howard Accidentally Made a Libertarian Parable

Rebuilding Paradise (National Geographic Films)
The real story is not plucky citizens but officious, interfering bureaucrats.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE T he town in Northern California is named Paradise, but infernal scenes mark the dizzying start of a Ron Howard documentary about California’s worst-ever wildfires, in 2018. The sky is black as midnight at 7 a.m. Patients are evacuated from a hospital. A car sits flaming in a driveway. A refrigerator stands in an ashy mess where the rest of the house around it used to be. Horses trot nervously up a roadway. Fleeing families report the windshield of their car is too hot to touch, or ask, “Am I going to die?” Eighty-five people did, and thousands of buildings were destroyed.


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