Museums Should Stay Far from the Barricades

Approaching Thunder Storm, 1859, by Martin Johnson Heade. (Metropolitan Museum of Art/Public Domain)
Long-simmering complaints about pay and treatment still need to be addressed.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE I’ ve spilled endless pixels exploring why so many art museums in America remain shuttered to the public they’re supposed to serve. The art’s there for the edification of the public, after all. That’s why the philanthropy that funds museums is tax-exempt. Are the top brass lazy? Lots of staff in museums have it made, I know, collecting fat paychecks while Zooming every once in a while.

One curator friend of mine is painting landscapes. Another has taught herself the art of pedicure. Extreme baking, piano, Proust, online bridge, fishing . . . the lucky duckies among my museum friends are tanned,


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