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The Cuomo Chronicles

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo speaks during a daily briefing in New York City, July 13, 2020. (Mike Segar/Reuters)
Unlike most in the media, we’ve told the truth about him — and other politicians of his ilk.

Though it may seem like the world as we know it has slowed to a halt since the coronavirus pandemic began, for those of us at National Review, things have only sped up. While we continue working hard to provide you the very best in commentary, news, and analysis on everything from the coronavirus to cancel culture to Cuomo, we need your help. That’s why we’re in the middle of a webathon to raise the funds we need to keep this and more content coming, and we hope you’ll consider contributing to help us do that.

We’ve had plenty to focus on in the news these days, but one of the topics that has deserved lots of attention is the continued failure of New York governor Andrew Cuomo, who has been an excellent example of how not to govern during a health-care crisis. While the rest of the media have been working overtime to glorify him and cover up his mistakes, here at NRO, we haven’t let up for a minute in telling you the truth about exactly what he’s been up to.

Way back in early May, our Jim Geraghty was already using his Morning Jolt to dig into the problems with the policy of shuttling elderly Americans sick with COVID-19 into nursing homes, where they would go on to infect susceptible residents — a policy Cuomo enforced and that he continues to defend.

Our news team, meanwhile, has been on top of Cuomo’s mishandling of this crisis from Day One, publishing countless timely articles explaining exactly what his policies were, how they were wreaking havoc, and how he and his team have done their best to cover up the damage.

In June, Kyle Smith published a thorough debunking of the notion that Cuomo had anything to brag about, pointing out that the Democratic governor was busy taking potshots at Republicans rather than owning up to his own mistakes and that he tried to take credit for a success he didn’t manage to pull off.

NR’s Madeleine Kearns knocked Cuomo for touting a nonsensical poster celebrating New York’s fight against coronavirus, while David Harsanyi wrote a stellar takedown of Cuomo’s defenders, who stubbornly refuse to admit his many errors. Just recently, NR’s editors got together to declare that “Andrew Cuomo is not a COVID hero,” documenting his failures and denouncing his effort to claim that he’s had resounding success.

I myself have contributed a piece or two to this heaping list, first criticizing Cuomo back in May for his hypocrisy after he defended his COVID-19 policies by saying he hoped they’d save “just one life” — just one year after he signed aggressive legislation allowing abortion in New York up until the moment of birth. Filling in for Jim Geraghty on the Morning Jolt, I asked whether Cuomo will ever decide to take responsibility for his disastrous nursing-home policy and, in another, criticized his effort to micromanage the drinking and eating habits of New York City restaurant-goers.

If you want the whole truth and nothing but the truth about Cuomo and politicians like him, even as most other media outlets refuse to share the facts with you, National Review is the place to be. We are seeking through this effort to raise $250,000 (I know NR’s needs are far greater than that) and would be so grateful if you’d contribute whatever you can to support our efforts to continue providing critical, honest, hard-hitting reporting and opinion journalism when you need it the most.


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