American Rednecks vs. English Twerps in Brave New World

Joseph Morgan and Alden Ehrenreich in Brave New World. (Peacock)
Aldous Huxley’s utopian/dystopian classic strikes a surprisingly right-wing stance

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE N on-stop drug-taking, dance-party orgies, and unquestioning deference to authority have always worked for me, but what if they were mandatory? Brave New World’s vision of a chemically smoothed future society stripped of real feelings, intimacy, and (consequently) of genuine happiness continues to resound as loudly as ever, so it’s a good time to take another crack at filming it.

Brave New World, an hour-long series whose first nine episodes just debuted on Peacock, the new streaming service from NBC Universal, is temperamentally so right-wing that I wish it were better. As it is, the series (created by David Wiener, whose last


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