We Must Not Cede Afghanistan and Central Asia to Russia

Soldiers assigned to First Battalion, 178th Infantry Regiment, Illinois Army National Guard, conduct security as part of an advise and assistance mission in southeastern Afghanistan, September 17, 2019. (Master Sergeant Alejandro Licea/US Army)
The United States needs to keep a limited military presence in the country and the region as a check on the Kremlin’s global ambitions.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE I used to believe that the United States and Russia could form a strategic alliance similar to the one that defeated Nazi Germany once upon a time. I thought it might be possible for Washington and Moscow to join forces, become the world’s policemen, and keep the peace.

I was wrong, and worse yet, naïve.

From 1917 onward, Moscow’s aim has been to offer the nations of the world an alternative to Western-style liberal democracy. Political and economic power are the main currency on the international stage. Moscow has always had a weak economy, so it’s been forced to pursue that aim …


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