The End of (Whig) History

A man clears debris following the clashes between police and anti-government protesters after a two week campus siege of the Polytechnic University in Hong Kong, China, November 16, 2019. (Adnan Abidi/Reuters)
History goes where we push it. And if we don’t push, someone else will.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE Y ou have to see Hong Kong to believe it. I am glad that I did see it, at least a little of it, last year, in what I am afraid we will remember as the last days of a free Hong Kong.

The new “security” law being imposed on Hong Kong by Beijing is a monstrosity, the sort of thing that often is described as “Orwellian” or “Kafkaesque” but which in fact represents the best efforts of a regime that is in some ways worse than anything imagined by those dystopian thinkers.

Some of my friends on the right have presented this


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