Naval Power Is the Ultimate Strategic Enabler in Our Competition with China

MH-60R Sea Hawks attached to Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron HSM-77 (the “Saberhawks”) hover in formation between the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (foreground) and USS Nimitz while under way in the South China Sea, July 7, 2020. The Nimitz and Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Groups are conducting dual-carrier operations in the Indo-Pacific as the Nimitz Carrier Strike Force. (Mass Communication Specialist Third Class Erica Bechard/US Navy)
Sea power gives the U.S. the necessary strategic flexibility to counter China in an uncertain environment.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE S trategic uncertainty is a wild card in a nation’s plans because it is dominant in world affairs. A weak nation can become powerful in a few decades. An apparently strong one can collapse in a few years. Think of the global strategic environment as a lake of black swans. The U.S. is swimming in this lake today and antecedents within memory—relatively recent history— illustrate the supreme importance of grasping the unchangeable.

This week marks the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, the largest extended air engagement in human history. Fought over nearly four months between July and October 1940, the


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