Pint-Sized Hurt Pimps Win One at the Getty

The Getty, still closed, was beset by staff wanting it to go woke, to which the Getty trustees said, “we surrender.” Pictured: Exterior of the Getty Center museum in Los Angeles in 2016. (Lucy Nicholson/Reuters)
Art and research give way to BLM.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE I’ ve written about the avalanche of open letters from museum staffs accusing their directors and boards of racism. It’s a twin phenomenon. First, staff are about preserving and interpreting art, not performing social work. It’s incredible to me that people working even at the Getty, a California miracle and a treasure trove of art, want to change the mission and focus on “eradicating white supremacy.” Don’t they like art? Second, staff taking a grievance, in public, over the head of the director, to the trustees, was once a nuke-level insurgence followed by warp-speed retaliation.

Call it empowerment, narcissism, or self-righteousness, but

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