How Can You Not Love the Go-Go’s?

The Go-Go’s (from left): Kathy Valentine, Jane Wiedlin, Gina Schock, Charlotte Caffey, and Belinda Carlisle (Showtime)
The Go-Go’s remain the only all-female band that played their own instruments and wrote their own songs to make it to the top of the album chart.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE T he Go-Go’s famously wore beauty masks and towels on the cover of their first album, Beauty and the Beat. Those towels were purchased from Macy’s in New York City, and directly after the photo shoot they were returned to Macy’s in New York City. “I couldn’t invest in all these brand-new, fluffy, white expensive towels,” explains the band’s then-manager Ginger Canzoneri. “We couldn’t afford those!” How can you not love this band?

As we learn in the ebullient, amazing, often hilarious Showtime documentary The Go-Go’s, the defining girl group of the Eighties can match any bro band in tales of wild

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