The Amorphous Biden Doctrine

Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks about safety in America during a campaign event in Pittsburgh, Penn., August 31, 2020. (Alan Freed/Reuters)
A tour of his campaign website leaves the voter wondering about the details of his agenda, particularly on foreign policy.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE J oe Biden’s campaign website could easily be mistaken for Elizabeth Warren’s. Click on the menu and then the “Joe’s Vision” tab and you’ll find 27 plans, nine agendas, four components of his Build Back Better ™ proposal, and one roadmap. Amid this expansive platform, however, only two pages are dedicated to articulating Biden’s foreign-policy outlook.

One is a plan for Central America, focused on curbing corruption, investing considerable resources — both public and private — in the region, and placing “strong conditions for verifiable progress to ensure that U.S. taxpayer funds are used effectively.” All this because “the most effective and

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