Unite or Die: The Making of the Badger State Battleground

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An inside account of how the Wisconsin conservative movement learned to punch above its weight in a blue state — and what it will take to keep up the fight

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE I t was April 15, 2010, and there wasn’t a moment to spare. Reince Priebus had what many considered a politically deadly problem on his hands — thousands of people storming the Wisconsin capitol, many just as angry at the Republican establishment they felt had sold them out as they were at the liberal opposition that was in full control of government, from the White House to the capitol grounds where Priebus, then chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, stood surveying the crowd.

The national media smelled blood during those days, and it soaked their headlines. “Tea Party candidates could play

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Brian Reisinger is a writer and conservative operative who has served as spokesman for U.S. Senators Lamar Alexander and Ron Johnson and for former governor Scott Walker. He currently serves as president and chief operating officer of Platform Communications, a Midwestern-based strategic-communications firm.


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