BLM Becomes the PLO

Armed dissenters to a grand-jury decision in the Breonna Taylor case, Louisville, Ky.,September 25, 2020 (Eduardo Munoz/Reuters)
The United States is not going to be governed by boutique radicalism and mob violence.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE I am inclined to think that the Palestinians have some legitimate beefs, historically speaking. I just don’t care very much. You blow up children in pizza shops, and your priorities go right to the bottom of my global humanitarian to-do list.

Palestinians want a state? I wouldn’t lend Mahmoud Abbas a cup of sugar.

It isn’t quite the PLO — not yet — but the slow-rolling crime-wave-cum-terrorist-front that is burning, looting, and murdering a ragged path through American cities is brutalizing its way into irrelevance. In June, a solid majority (54 percent) of Americans told pollsters they approved of the protests, but

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