Stacey Abrams’s Delusions of Grandeur

Stacey Abrams in All In: The Fight for Democracy. (Amazon Studios)
A new documentary focusing on Abrams mixes real history with modern myths.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE Voter suppression has become a national talking point,” a narrator says in the new Amazon documentary All In: The Fight for Democracy.

Indeed, it has. As November 3 fast approaches, conversations are boiling on the issues of voter suppression, mail-in voting (and its pitfalls), poll access in a pandemic, and voter fraud. But the national talking point of voter suppression is, at the end of the day, just a hip talking point. And it also is a myth. It has also become a very convenient, useful, and savvy excuse for Stacey Abrams’s loss in the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election. All In:

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