How the Private Sector Is Shaping the Future of Nuclear Energy

Power lines in Hinsdale, N.H., lead away from the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant in Vernon, Vt., in 2013. (Brian Snyder/Reuters)
We should remain optimistic about the future of nuclear energy in America.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE L ast week, the future of nuclear energy got an immense boost. U.S. officials greenlit America’s first-ever commercial small modular reactor, to be constructed in eastern Idaho by a company called NuScale Power. The first will be built by 2029, with eleven more to follow by 2030.

Nuclear energy already provides 20 percent of American energy production, representing 60 percent of all clean energy in this country. Yet nuclear energy has stalled for several decades now, having fallen by 9 percent in terms of global energy generation since 2006. Of the 60 plants in operation in the United States, nine have already

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