Revolution by Shenanigan

The American flag flies at half staff over the U.S. Capitol to honor the late Supreme Court associate justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, September 25, 2020. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)
Democrats propose to do away with the Constitution and impose a new one that none of us has agreed to live under.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE T exans are very fond of reminding our fellow Americans that, because of its former status as an independent republic, Texas is the only state in the union permitted by treaty to leave the Union or renegotiate its status. This is a point of pride with Texans.

It isn’t true.

In fact, nothing you will ever hear about the provisions of the treaty that brought Texas into the United States is true, because there is no treaty. There was a treaty, but the Senate rejected it.

The treaty wasn’t only rejected but was soundly rejected: 35 against a mere 16 in favor. (We will

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