Woke Progressivism Comes for David Hume

David Hume statue in Edinburgh, Scotland (Susanne Neumann/Getty Images)
The new religion succeeds where the old one failed

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE T he University of Edinburgh has canceled David Hume. In response to an online petition portraying Hume as “a man who championed white supremacy,” the university has stated that the 18th-century Scotsman’s name will be erased from the tallest building on campus.

“The interim decision [pending further review] has been taken,” university officials declared, “because of the sensitivities around asking students to use a building named after the 18th-century philosopher whose comments on matters of race, though not uncommon at the time, rightly cause distress today.”

This is not the first time Hume has distressed his audience. In fact, he has often been …

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