A Big Night — and a Better Day After — for Trump

President Donald Trump gestures during a campaign rally at Tucson International Airport in Tucson, Ariz., October 19, 2020. (Carlos Barria/Reuters)
If the president can stick to this script in a disciplined way, that’s going to be a big problem for the former vice president.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE P resident Trump would be in much better shape right now if he’d campaigned and debated like the guy who showed up at last night’s debate. To use a boxing analogy, I think he won the match on points, but the margin gets better for him in the post-mortem. Former vice president Biden said some truly indefensible things. Starting this morning and continuing for the next ten days, Republicans will be whistling through the groove-yard of forgotten favorite video clips . . . or, better, GOP favorites that Biden would like to forget.

In fact, the president wasted no time: He had

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