An Iran Lobby in America?

(NatanaelGinting/Getty Images)
The National Iranian American Council frequently echoes Tehran’s rhetoric in redirecting blame at the U.S. for Iranian aggression and malfeasance.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE P olitical divisions in the United States may be widening on a broad range of political and policy concerns, but the country is still relatively united on at least one issue. Since the Islamic Republic of Iran’s revolutionary ascent in 1979, Americans of nearly all political stripes have viewed it as a hostile and threatening actor — and sometimes even an evil one. Of course, this sentiment has not always been expressed in policy; Obama White House Deputy national-security adviser Ben Rhodes famously bragged about the way he and his team manipulated the mainstream media and other “outside groups” who then

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Michael Johns Jr. is a graduate student at the Harvard Kennedy School concentrating in international and global affairs, and associate editor for regional security and Iran at the Journal of Middle East Politics and Policy at Harvard. 


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