An Outspoken Scholar Gets Canceled, Again, but He’s Not Giving Up

Portland State University Professor Bruce Gilley at a National Association of Scholars conference in 2018. (National Association of Scholars/via YouTube)
Under activist pressure, Bruce Gilley’s publisher quashes his new book at the last minute. He and peers across academe rise to his defense.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE C ancel culture in higher education follows a predictable pattern.

First comes the offense. A professor assigns a book written by an author who has fallen afoul of postmodern moral sensibilities, or encourages a class discussion on a topic deemed “settled” by the arbiters of today’s culture.

After that come the demands. “Fire him,” “revoke his tenure,” “cancel his assigned classes,” and so on.

Then come the platitudes from administrators. “This does not represent the values of our college.”

And so it goes. The cycle is so predictable now that its inanity ought to be obvious to all, but college students and the professors and


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