The Best Museum in the World

The Parthenon, 1871, by Frederic Edwin Church. Oil on canvas. (Metropolitan Museum of Art/Open Access)
Making the Met, 1870–2020 makes the case, and no one can deny it: The Met is an unparalleled marvel.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE T he new exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Making the Met, 1870–2020, commemorates the 150th anniversary of, in my opinion, the unmatched giant among museums in the world today. Its collection, curators, and educational program go from strength to strength. In 1870, the Met’s founding signaled America’s cultural ascendance from provincial to international, from the sweaty work of building a nation from scratch to a time when enrichment of the mind was seen as not only possible but essential to a good life.

From the Gilded Age to the Information Age, the Met’s mission has always pivoted toward the best,

(Metropolitan Museum of Art/Open Access)

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