What’s Gone Wrong with the Supreme Court — and How to Fix It

(Bill Chizek/Getty Images)
Ilya Shapiro’s Supreme Disorder reviews the history of political jockeying over the Court and the various proposals for reform.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE A my Coney Barrett seems headed for confirmation to the Supreme Court, and I’m very much among those celebrating. But everyone across the political spectrum knows that something has gone deeply wrong with this process. For decades now the Senate has been rejecting well-qualified judicial nominees, from Robert Bork to Merrick Garland, for ideological reasons. “Court-packing” is even in the headlines again, however unlikely it remains.

Cato Institute legal scholar Ilya Shapiro has thus picked a fortuitous time to release his new book, Supreme Disorder. It provides the full history of Supreme Court confirmations and evaluates proposals for reform. Court-watchers owe it

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