No, Joe Biden Does Not Have a Proven Record of Defying Dictators

Then-Vice President Joe Biden shakes hands with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin during their meeting in Moscow in 2011. (Alexander Natruskin/Reuters)
There is no record of Biden standing up to Putin or any dictators -- save Saddam Hussein -- in any real way.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE A t a campaign event masquerading as an NBC News town hall this week, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden dropped this statement:

I have taken on the people we’re worried about. I’ve taken on the Castros of the world, the Putins of the world. I’ve been straightforward with them. I let them know it stops here. It stops with me. It stops with me as president.

The notion that Biden has stood up to the Putins or Castros — or Assads or Mullahs or Xis — in any genuine way is nothing but a retrofitted fantasy.

Since no one holds Biden to account for

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